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Our Vehicles

Dennis Fire Appliance / Scania Fire Appliance / Beauford Open Top Tourer

We can now offer you the ultimate vehicles with the choice being yours!!

Dennis Fire Appliance

The Dennis Fire Appliance is legendary having served for the uk fire service for many years. Our Dennis is the latest fire appliance and no different to what you would find in any fire station.

Whilst keeping the authentic feel of a real fire engine we have carefully chosen our vehicle for the very large passenger compartment to offer a truly awesome way to travel.

Fitted with a quality sound system and latest led lighting, along with real leather interiors for pure luxury, and yet it still gives you the feel of being in a fire engine on duty with the added bonus that during your hire you can blast some water from the hose for those all important photos!!

Our vehicle is unique in the fact its unbranded so its look is very original and not like a moving advert, this makes its truly ideal for many kinds of hire.

Scania Fire Appliance

The Scania Fire Appliance is renowned for its long service in the UK fire service. Our Scania is the latest first-line attack vehicle, identical to those found in fire stations, and it can accommodate a crew of up to six along with essential firefighting and rescue gear.

We have selected this vehicle for its spacious passenger compartment, ensuring an extraordinary travel experience while preserving the authentic essence of a real fire engine.

This vehicle features a touch-screen data system (Mobile Data Terminal or MDT), giving the crew immediate access to crucial rescue and firefighting information.

Uniquely unbranded, our vehicle maintains an original look, free from commercial advertising, making it perfect for various types of hire.

Beauford Open Top Tourer

A touch of yesteryear!
Today’s modern Bride, is constantly searching for something different, to impress her guests, on her special day…
Well look no further, than our gorgeous Beauford Tourer, with its timeless design, this popular car will help to make you stand out from the crowd.
Word’s & pictures can never do this extremely pretty car, suitable justice,